A word from Vice President Joe McMurry

Update 12-28-2022

Please take a few minutes and read this webpage https://www.faa.gov/uas/recreational_flyers/knowledge_test_updates

and take the easy test here    https://trust.modelaircraft.org/

I do not know how many of you have been following the last two years or so of the proposed new FAA Regulations concerning our hobby. I have been following it quite closely because I have 35 years in this hobby 

and a few dollars invested as well. The FAA final rules have been published and will take effect 60 days from 12-28-2020. We seem to have dodged a doomsday event for our hobby but we must remain diligent in

following the AMA Safety Rules and our flying field rules known to the FAA as FRIA stands for FAA Recognized Identification Area. Some of the highlights are

A. We will not have to have a "transponder" while flying line of sight at a FRIA.

B. We do not have to register every aircraft. The rule for us as modelers going forward is nearly identical to the old one: register the pilot/operator once every 3 years for $5. The AMA and the AOPA were mentioned in the FAA's decision. 

C. FAA Recognized Identification Area are AMA recognized fields,  FRIA's can be created, modified, and renewed into perpetuity. This creates some paperwork hassles for club officers and the AMA, but is a major

relief compared to what we were facing. Our fears regarding FRIA's appear to have largely been addressed.

D. Section 349 is the regulations pertaining to our flying, even if you are a Part 107 commercial licensed there will be a mandatory safety test...do not panic it will be an easy test with multiple choice answers and you get

several tries at each question. The test will be implemented at a later date.

As time allows I will post updates to the web. Below is a link to the final rule


Please encourage everyone you encounter at the field to join the AMA it is a City of Denton requirement for insurance and illegal to fly at a FRIA without it.

Please encourage people to join the club, remember no attendance requirements and it gives us more status with the City of Denton, the AMA and FAA. Remember we are in controlled airspace of a airport with a control tower. Please follow all safety rules at the field and ask others to do the same.

Remember GAS it and fly

Joe McMurry


AMA Gold Club #1659